Highlights and their technical basis

  • standardized
    specified by W3C and IETF, easy interplay with proxies and firewalls
  • secure
    already supports Sec-WebSocket-Key processing, authentication and authorization
  • bidirectional
    TCP communication on a single socket for more concurrent client/server connections, supported by HTML5 compliant browsers
  • ultra fast
    compared to Comet and the various XHR approaches, all polling and stay-open mechanisms become obsolete
  • high responsive
    due to less latency, less bandwidth requirements and less overhead due to lightweight TCP socket communication compared to HTTP
  • high flexible
    cross-platform for stationary and mobile devices, cross-browser compatible, scalable and individually extensible with plug-ins
  • easily integrated
    in Browser, Mobile and Web Apps, supported by comprehensive documentation and numerous examples
Free download

jWebSocket is completely open source. So, don‘t hesitate! It‘s free!


Various applications profit from jWS high-speed communication. Yours, too?

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