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Executables – Version 1.0 RC3 (build b50113)

File Abstract Size
jWS Server-1.0 Archive (.zip) with all required .jar files and libraries to run the jWebSocket Server incl. an example configuration file 63.5 MB
jWS Client 1.0 Archive (.zip) with all required .js files and demos to run the jWebSocket client incl. minified production versions 12.8 MB
jWebSocketServer-Bundle-1.0-RC3 - Shared Single jar .zip archive with jWebSocketServer-Bundle.jar as single .jar incl. all libraries 21.8 MB
jWS Web Application default 1.0 Archive (.zip) with jWebSocketAppServer.war as single .war incl. a single index.htm start page 133 KB
jWS Web Application demo 1.0 Archive (.zip) with jWebSocketAppSrvDemo.war as single .war incl. jWebSocket Client Web 96.0 KB
jWS AndroidDemo 1.0 Archive (.zip) with jWebSocketAndroidDemo.apk as installable .apk incl. all libraries 6.33 MB
jWebSocket Windows Server 1.0-RC3 32 & 64bit & jWebSocket Windows Service 1.0-RC3 32 & 64bit .zip archive with jWebSocketServer32.exe, jWebSocketServer64.exe (Windows executables), jWebSocketService32.exe and jWebSocketService64.exe (Windows Services) incl. install/uninstall batches and admin ui requires a working jWebSocket installation. 928 KB
jWS Server - Jetty Demo 1.0 (.war) Archive (.zip) with jWS Server - Jetty Demo 1.0 72.3 MB
jWebSocket Tomcat Engine 1.0-RC3 .zip archive with jWebSocketTomcatEngine.jar, required in addition to jWebSocketServer-Bundle.jar to be located in Tomcat's /lib folder. 32.0 KB

Source Code – Version 1.0 RC3 (build b50113)

File Abstract Size
jWS FullSources 1.0 Archive (.zip) with the full source code of jWebSocket 101 MB

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