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Training Videos


Introduction Video

  This is a simple introduction video that makes a complete overview of installation and configuration section of jWebSocket

1.0- jWebSocket Installing Java

  This video is definitely the first step to the users to be able to run our technology and get involved into it.

1.1- jWebSocket Installing MAVEN

  This video will show the users how to install Maven in Windows, so they will be able to compile their solutions, in this case the jWebSocket Project completely depends on Maven.

2.0- Tortoise SVN Client (This is not required, is optional)

  In case that our users want to download our sources from they will definitely require any subversion client.

3.0- jWebSocket, Installing and Configuring Apache Server

  this video shows them how to proceed with this installation step by step, as the jWebSocket demos require to be published in the same Webserver where the jWebSocket server will be running.

4.0- jWebSocket, download, install and configure Netbeans IDE

  This video shows how to download, install and configure Netbeans IDE to get started with jWebSocket, in other details, we show how to configure your environment in the same way jWebSocket developers have it.

5.0- Running jWebSocket as Standalone Server

  This is a simple video that will show you how to get started, run our server and try our demos locally.

6.0- Downloading and compiling jWebSocket Sources

  This video will shows the users how to download jWebSocket sources and compile the solution using Netbeans.

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