jWebSocket Nightly Builds

Nightly Builds - Latest Build 1.0 for Production Environments (build )

Here you will find the latest jWebSocket Nightly Builds. Please consider that these versions are under heavy development and are not subject to a daily QA. Thus these versions should be used for development, training and research purposes only. Do not use these versions in production environments.

Please refer to our History page for the last recent update information.

jWebSocket Packages

Platform Download

jWebSocket Server - 1.0 build
jWebSocket Client - 1.0 build
jWebSocket Sources - 1.0 build

jWebSocket Server Bundle

Platform Download

jWebSocket Server Bundle - 1.0 build

jWebSocket Android Demo

Platform Download

Important note: jWebSocket Android Demo 1.0 is not ready for the release yet, we apologize about this, please keep using the old jWebSocketAndroidDemo until we are able to create a new release package.

jWebSocketAndroidDemo 1.0 build

jWebSocket Web Applications

Platform Download

jWebSocket Tomcat 6.0 Web Application demo - 1.0 build
jWebSocket Jetty 8.0.0 RC1 Web Application demo - 1.0 build

jWebSocket Windows Executables and Service

Platform Download

jWebSocket Windows Server - 1.0 build (32 & 64 bit)

Please feel free to download directly the complete nightly build from here: http://cdn.jwebsocket.org/jwebsocket/nightly-builds/2018/b/

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