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Download jWebSocket Version 1.0 Final - build 50713

Please select one of the following downloads. Beside the main modules below we also provide various pre-defined bundles for your convenience. For nightly builds and updates please click here . This version is now ready for production environments already tested by our community, if you find any problem with it don't hesitate informing us via our forum.


[ mirror ]

Archive (.zip) with all required .jar files and libraries to run the jWebSocket Server including an example configuration file (~67.7 MB). Simply unpack the archive to a folder of your choice and use the batches in the /bin folder. Further installation details

Please ensure that the JWEBSOCKET_HOME and JWEBSOCKET_EE_HOME environment variables refer to the jWebSocket root folder [ more ] and please open firewall ports 8787 (ws://) and 9797 (wss://) for WebSocket communication and port 843 for the automatic FlashBridge fallback.

SHA1 verification code: 2154e77545ab816f5b8342739715cdc796fc67cf


[ mirror ]

Archive (.zip) with all required .js files and demos to run the jWebSocket client including minified production versions (~16.8 MB). Simply unpack the archive to a folder of your choice and open the index.html in your favorite browser. Further installation details

Please consider that the file protocol currently is supported by Chrome only. To use the FlashBridge you need to install the FlashPlayer plug-in [ more ] and run the demos on a web server like Apache or a servlet container like Tomcat or Jetty.

SHA1 verification code: 379524980fb894c538c50a35789244f1af1b12ab


[ mirror ]

Archive (.zip) with the full source code of the jWebSocket Server and the Java and Android clients. This lets you to know the jWebSocket internals and create your own jWebSocket extensions like plug-ins and filters or your own configurations or bundles (~118 MB). Further installation details

Provided as Apache Maven (v2.2, v3.0) project, which easily can be imported into NetBeans (v6.7+), Eclipse (v3.5+) and IntelliJ (v9.0+). Please consider installing Apache Maven 2.2 or 3.0 first before you import the projects into an IDE, although latest IDE releases already include embedded Maven support.

SHA1 verification code: 6e1e996274223d8e6c97fa3ae304fb748cae0e9e


jWebSocket is open source and provided to you under the terms and conditions of the Apache 2.0 License (

Please take notice that the jWebSocket Server contains the Apache log4j Library , the Apache Commons Codec Library as well as the Apache Common Lang Library which are distributed under the Apache license , it further includes the Javolution library which is distributed under the BSD license . It also contains JSON2 from and Base64.js from which are public domain.

Are you a Maven user?


		<name>jWebSocket Repository</name>

Visit our Maven page for more information.

Subversion Repository

Please note, we don't support anymore the old Google Code SVN. Now the entire project including the full source can be accessed via SVN at:
What are you waiting for! Check our repo now and get started developing with jWebSocket, although you may be prompted for credentials on the web, during svn checkout there is full read access to the repository, so, you will not be prompted for credentials via CLI:

// This will require a username and password, please use the following:
// Username: jwebsocket
// Password: jwebsocket

svn checkout

Please refer to SubVersion Client for details.

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