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Setting the $JWEBSOCKET_HOME and $JWEBSOCKET_EE_HOME variable in Windows

The jWebSocketServer-<version>.jar includes all required libraries and provides the ready-to-use folder structure as described here. The next step is to tell the system to make a reference to this folder as an Environment Variable that will be used later by java to execute jWebSocketServer. The steps to export a home variable in Windows are very simple:

  1. Right click in Computer (MyPC).
  2. Open the option Properties.
  3. Click in the Advanced System Settings.
  4. Click in Environment Variables.
  5. As shown in the picture, you have to create your new variable in the System Variables Area as shown below:

  6. In the Variable name you must set JWEBSOCKET_HOME and in the Variable value the root folder path.

Then you correctly created the JWEBSOCKET_HOME variable, so you can continue to run jWebSocket server as .jar.


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