jWebSocket Server Bundle

This section describes how to use the jWebSocket Shared Server Bundle. This will be interesting for you when you want to use jWebSocket in your web applications. For production environments the jWebSocket Server is provided as a single .jar bundle which can be shared and extended by multiple applications.

Compared to a embedded model the benefits of the shared model are...

  1. Your applications become smaller (about 2.5 MB) and your builds and deployments are quicker.
  2. You do not need to re-build your applications in case of jWebSocket updates.
  3. The distribution of your applications or plug-ins becomes simpler.

Prerequisites on the server

The jWebSocket Server is based on pure Java technology. For your server application please ensure that you have at least the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 installed. If not you can get it here . We further recommend to put the path to java.exe into your PATH environment variable.

Server Bundle for Tomcat Web Applications

For Tomcat web apps development using server bundle see details here:

  1. Embedding jWebSocket Server into Tomcat
  2. Start jWebSocket Server as a Web App

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