This feature gives you the possibility of recover the access to your account in case that you are unable to remember your password. User client module offers several ways to retrieve the password for a specific user depending on the settings established by the administrator. However, to use any of these options you must perform the following common steps:

  1. Press the Forgot Password button belonging to the main view of User client module. The following form is displayed:
  2. Type the username or email of your account on the site.
  3. Type the characters shown in the CAPTCHA security image. If you have a hard time understanding the characters shown in the CAPTCHA security image, you can request a new image by pressing the Refresh button highlighted next to the image. You can request as many images as you want.
  4. Press the Request button highlighted in the bottom of the popup.
  5. In case that you want to cancel the action you can press the Close button highlighted in the upper right corner or just click anywhere outside of the popup area.

Once successfully completed the above steps, the application proceeds to recover your password. Following will be described the different options that can be configured for this purpose:


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