UserAdminPlugIn Developer Guide

User Administration Application is a web solution that allows the complete and efficient administration of all the information concerning to the jWebSocket users. However, this application is highly configurable thus it can be adapted to any organization that requires an effective management of its users. This application is designed so it can be used both in stationary and mobile devices providing a great flexibility for the customers as well as showing the potentiality of jWebSocket framework to develop applications using a responsive design.

User Administration takes into account all the aspects of managing users, from the first registration, authentication and authorization, password security, personal information handling to account activation and notifications on one hand as well as the entire user administration from the management of roles and rights via maintaining the user data and credentials, locking and activating, to statistics and banning on the other hand. With the objective of manage efficiently all this user information and taking in consideration the different levels of permissions required to do each one of this actions, this application has two clients: User client and Admin client. Each of these clients focuses on fully satisfies the needs and demands of the user type for which it was conceived, in this case, ordinary users and administrators respectively.


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