SharedCanvas Plugin User Guide


The Shared Canvas PlugIn allows to the jWebSocket users to develop online collaboration applications for the Web. These applications are browser based, and allow to share and synchronize data on a server in real-time. The Shared Canvas Demo show to the jWebSocket users some features that they can obtain with the Shared Canvas PlugIn.

The Shared Canvas Demo allows connected users to paint and insert images on a shared canvas in real time. So, when a user paints or inserts images these can be seen by all the others users that are connected. Shared Canvas PlugIn can be used from the Web to collaborate in a common project for users who are connected and to support the teaching-learning process in its various modalities and aspects. It differs from other online collaboration applications because it works in real time through the new WebSocket protocol that makes it possible. The PlugIn was developed on the jWebSocket framework, allowing the user to test the potential of jWebSocket for online collaboration in real time.

The scalability level of the connections supported by jWebSocket servers allows high user concurrency in all collaborative activities and distance education. Stress tests performed to a jWebSocket server shed as a result 10 000 concurrent connections without affecting the response time of the application. This element ensures perform real-time processes and a high number of users using the same service at the same instant of time. This aspect of the concurrence provides an important impact because it makes possible that 10 000 people can use Shared Canvas Demo from different countries and at the same instant.


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