QuotaPlugIn Developer Guide

The QuotaPlugIn allows to precisely manage, control and report how intensively which user can use and did use which service of jWebSocket. It is closely related to the rights and roles management of jWebSocket and so grants or revokes the rights to access certain features depending on quota rules per user. Basically it is easy to use but if you want to do and efficiently use of the QuotaPlugin, first take a look at three concepts below.

  1. The “QuotaPlugin” plugin: allows to manage all operations related quotas, they can be: create, delete, query and update a quota, as well as actions on quotas created such as: reduce, establish or increase the value of a quota, etc..
  2. El “QuotaFilter” filter: The filter is a the part that you probably never need to touch, but it is very important because the filter is how revoke the access when the quota limit has been exceed.
  3. Quota: The quotas´s objective is to grant or revoke access to a functionality, quotas may be related to general aspects such as: reducing the bandwidth, the volume that a user can store on the server as well as others specific features that the server has, for example the number of free SMS per month that an user could send.

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