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The following documentation is structured into eight information units:

  • describes all the Plug-Ins that form part of jWeSocket, how to use them, administrate and continue its development.
  • describes which modules are interesting for your individual purposes, how to install them and get started including tips and tricks for different environments.
  • provides information about jWebSocket elements, their architecture, functionality and usage until you are able to create your own first application.
  • assists you in the right settings of your operating system to use jWebSocket properly and in full operation.
  • provides a complete insight into the jWebSocket source code and development for sophisticated developers.
  • provides a complete chronology about jWebSocket Project, the dates of the most important versions and the main changes in each version.
  • provides information about which browsers currently are supported by jWebSocket, the versions and the SSL support of them.
  • describes the main hits of jWebSocket in achieve high level of Cross-Browser Compatibility using Websocket Protocol.

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