jWebSocket Team

The jWebSocket project benefits from the great expertise of our committers and contributors. Thank you all, without you the jWebSocket project wouldn't have come to that success.

Alexander Rojas Hernandez (Web Developer)
Alexander Schulze (Founder, CEO)
Anuradha Gali (Java & Web Developer)
Aquiles Pérez Mirando (Web Developer)
Armando Lazaro Simon (Java Developer)
Carlos Alberto Feyt Salgueiro (Drupal & Web Developer)
Carlos Karen Céspedes (Java Developer)
Daimi Mederos Llanes (Web Developer)
Dariel Noa Graveran (Java Developer)
Domma Moreno Dager (Network Administrator & Tools Support)
Eduardo Bourzac Hernández ( Graphic Designer)
Iliana Morera González (Sales & Administration)
Jan Gnezda (WebSocket protocol implementations)
Javier Alejandro Puentes (Java Developer)
Johannes Schoenborn (iOS Committer)
Johannes Smutny (Java Architect, JMS integration & JEE development)
Lester Alfonso Zaila Viejo (Configuration Administrator & Java Developer)
Lisdey Pérez Hernández (Java Developer)
Maidel Ojeda Cruz (Research)
Merly López Barroso (Web Developer)
Marcos Antonio González (Database Expert & Java Developer)
Marta Rodríguez Freire (Web Developer)
Mayra Eva Manañón (Java Developer)
Omar Antonio Díaz Peña (Java Developer)
Orlando Miranda Gómez (Java Developer)
Osvaldo Aguilar Lauzurique (Web & Java Developer)
Prashant Khanal (Java Developer, Mobile & Server Development)
Puran Singh (Java & Web Developer)
Quentin Ambard (Java Developer, RPC & Shared Objects Plug-in Development)
Rebecca Schulze (Marketing, Graphic & Design)
Rolando Betancourt (Java Developer)
Rolando Santamaría Masó (Software Architect, Communications, Web & Java Developer)
Roylandi Gonzáles Pujol (Web Developer)
Unni Vemanchery Mana (Java/Web Developer, HTML5 File API & Media Processing)
Victor Antonio Barzana Crespo (Web & Java Developer)
Yamila Vigil Regalado (Project Manager, Research)
Yasmani Nuñez Broch (Web Developer, Drupal Administrator)
Yenisleydis Rodríguez Martínez (Research)

Thanks a lot also to all users, contributors and committers who gave us constructive feedback and supported us with their time, work, codes, libraries and valuable suggestions.

Hiroshi Ichikawa, Tokyo, Japan. http://gimite.net/en/ , WebSocket-FlashBridge: http://github.com/gimite/web-socket-js
Henri Manson, Netherlands. Thanks for his contribution regarding security and extended JSON capabilities with native JSON object and embedding the json.org libraries.
Roderick Baier, Germany. Thanks for his contributions regarding the Java-Client and his valuable advise regarding W3C and IETF compatibility, low-level packet handling and the dynamic class loader. https://github.com/pelotoncycle/weberknecht
Peter Roßbach, Bochum, Germany, Apache Tomcat-Comitte. Thanks for his valuable advise regarding security, clustering and architecture.
Predrag Stojadinovic, Web Application Developer, Aachen, Germany. Thanks for his translations and conference support.
Joris Van den Bogaert, Belgium. http://www.esus.com
Shankar Prasad Jha, India. Thanks for providing his jWebSocket blog.

If you are interested in participating and realize your ideas with the support of a growing and enthusiastic team, please don't hesitate to contact us: support@jwebsocket.org

Alex Schulze, jWebSocket founder a.schulze@jwebsocket.org

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